This week we… went on a flight to Greece

6th Jul 2018

We had a visit from Murray’s dad this week, a pilot, who came to share with us lots of information about holidays and an imaginative role play of a flight to Greece. Thank you for taking time out of your busy flight schedule to visit us Ben, we enjoyed our interactive time with you. Please let us know if you have a skill, hobby, job you could share with the Pre-School.

As it was so hot this week we explored water and ice play in the garden to help us keep cool. We also had a special treat of an ice lolly on some afternoons. We enjoyed some picnics in the garden and lots of dance parties and football. Good luck to England this weekend against Sweden!

The Rising 5s have been hard at work practising for the show on the 16th. They have used our work with story scribing and acting this year to develop a story of their own creation.

Inside we have explored mark making with paint and dinosaurs, flour play, glitter play and hat making.

After School Club have used woodwork skills to make planes and enjoyed creating giant train tracks.

Next week we look forward to a visit from Jenny Clark MBE – The Bat Lady. She will join us on Monday morning to show the children some of the different kinds of bats who have recently been in her bat hospital and rescue facility.

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