This week we… welcomed our new robot

18th May 2018

Jade introduced us to a new friend at Pre-School this week. His name is Cubetto.

She explained that although he is quite clever, he is also delicate, just like us. 🙂

We waited patiently for our turn and listened very carefully to the instructions. Some of us even chose to watch for a while before deciding to have a go.

We found it funny when Cubetto moved off the board. Jade was impressed with how carefully we put him back on the board. Jade said she thought that must be how we handle our little brothers and sisters. 😉

Jade said we were very quick to piece the code together.

When we asked to see what else comes in Cubetto’s box we found the challenge book and the instructions. Max pointed out the compass and said it tells you east, north, west, south. Lucas added that that was just like a pirate’s compass!

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