This week we…played rescuing!

30th Nov 2018
to the rescue

Fauna came out to the garden and spoted Kaitlyn sitting on the wooden storage box. She climbed up to join her and sat there for a brief time while watching the other children play. They then decided to play a game of rescueing each other and as they slide off, they would hold their hands to ‘rescue’ the one falling down. They talked as they played. Fauna said to Kaitlyn: “Now you slide down” or she would say: “You’re a bit heavy though”.

Fauna and Kaitlyn kindly let Aubrey come and join in with their game. Fauna stopped at one point to put on her gloves and did a fantastic job of putting them on by herself. They played for a little longer before Kaitlyn said: “Let’s stop.” They all agreed and headed off together to play something else.

Future mountain climbers? Fire fighters? Let’s wait and see 🙂


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