This week we… planted flowers with Trevor

27th May 2016
with Trevor

Every year a special friend of Forest Row Pre-school, Trevor Tupholme, comes to visit and brings us lots of flowers to plant. The children had a great time. Thank you Trevor!

The sand pit was put to good use this week as some of us turned it into a building site. It was fun using our very own cement mixer. We also found time to play in the mud pit with our trucks and football on our ‘pitch’.

Luca and Ollie in particular had a wonderful time trying to kick a ball past each other. In the end Ollie told Lucy that he had 105 points and that Luca had 89. They both pretended to have trophies and kept shouting “score” and “goal” each time they scored.

In other areas we got to describe different textures; made music on the keyboard; played hairdressers’ made a scarecrow for our display board and played musical chairs.

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