This week we… have been racing our cars

16th Mar 2018

We decided build ramps in the garden this week, but our racing drivers had to adhere to the strict limit of 40mph!

In the Rising 5 session we constructed houses for animals, did some mark making and sorted objects by length and weight. We also met Polly the sound parrot. Polly talks in sounds which we then blend together to make words. This is an important skill that we use when reading. We will be doing lots of activities with Polly over the next few months.

Other activities included Kapla building; threading pipe cleaners in and out of a colander; making Mobilo aeroplanes and mixing paints and colours.

Next week we will have a visit from the Mr Broad, the Music Man and we will be going on our trip to Drusillas Park on Friday. Let’s hope the weather warms up a little before then!

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