This week we… have been making our own ‘honey’ water

19th Jan 2018
chalk paint

Stanley had been playing outside with Charlie for quite some time when I (Sue) join them in the garden.

They were collecting water from the puddle and filling the wheelbarrow. Charlie drags his bucket to get the maximum amount of water. They then added the chalks to see what colour the water would became. Charlie said: “It’s like an orange colour”, and then adds more yellow chalk.

Stanley was fascinated not only in the colour change but in the texture of the chalk as he said: “It’s soft”. He then squeezes it repeatedly between his fingers and says: “I’m crushing it”.

I suggest that they go in soon as they were very wet (and it was very cold). Charlie goes inside and Stanley stays out because he says he has his waterproofs on. I said he can stay out a little longer and he then says: “Ok, or I will be poorly”.

Max, Murray and Eden join us and Stanley demonstrates what he is doing and then they all join in mixing colours.

Eden says: “It looks like a honey colour”.

Max, Murray and Eden collect more water. Max then holds the bucket over Murray’s head and says: “It’s a shelter for you Murray”.

As the water collects in the bucket Murray says: “It is like a tap, tappy sound”.

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