This week we… experimented and watched birds

20th May 2016
bird watchng

On Tuesday we carried out 3 experiments using vinegar, oil, food colouring, bicarb, shampoo and water. Oil was placed in a dish and we used pipettes to drop a food colour and another substance into the mixture to see what would happen. Felix commented that the vinegar smelled like wine and once we add the bicarb it would turn into honey. Florence on the other hand thought that once we add the bicarb it would turn into flour.

At another table we used the light box and coloured shapes. We had to identify the different shapes and their colours and then used the shapes to make differnet objects, like houses and towers.

We made petrol lawnmowers and spaceships out of Lego. We traced letters that are in our names and talked about healthy eating. We also used cornflower in messy play, which was rather gooey.

Outside we built a balancing obstacle course on the grass; rode our tricycles with one hand and did some bird watching. Dare I say “It’s behind you!”

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