This week we… had a play and a party!

22nd Jul 2016
rising 5s play

What a busy end of term it was. Our Rising 5s teachers helped us prepare a play for our parents. It was all about Repunzel who was stuck in the tower and how we all helped to get her out.

We then had a party on the last day with Boo Hiccup who came to entertain us. He was really funny!

We also said thank you and goodbye to our lovely Supervisor, Emma Mann, who we are going to sorely miss! We also would like to thank the wonderful committee members who have worked so hard this year to improve our Pre-school. They helped raise over £1200 towards a new Wendy House in the garden, which Ben, Rory and Murray’s daddy is going to build over the summer. Thank you to Emily, Sian, Victoria and Angie. We are going to miss you and your children as they go up to big school.

Happy holidays everyone!

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