This week we… had a forest school session

8th Jul 2016
forest school day1

The forest school ladies came to visit us on Monday.  We made flags by putting flowers and leaves between a white sheet and then banging them with a rubber mallet. When we opened up the sheets we saw that the dye from the flowers/leaves has printed on both sides. We then choose sticks and with a little help we tied the sheets to the sticks to make flags.

We then played in the mud kitchen, mixing soil with water into pots and pans. We loved the feel of the mud on our hands. We then used the mud to ‘paint’ all over a big sheet we had hung up under the yellow sail.

We played football and did exercises like push ups, jumping, hopping, running and using the monkey bars. We also practiced sharing and taking turns with the ‘cars’ in the garden.

Inside we used word/picture cards to identify words; we used giant Meccano to build with and sang ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ during circle time.

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