This week we… began planting

6th May 2016

Sue was in the garden ready to begin planting some new seeds with the children. They really enjoyed helping planting carrot and lettuce seeds and talked about how they would grow and water them.

One of the younger boys was filling the small pots with new compost ready to use next week. He put lots into one and said to Sarah: “too much, no more away” (too much, no more, take away). He started to take some back out and put it into another pot as he was doing so he found a worm. He was very careful with it and waited for Sue to pick it up and put it into a bucket that had some soil in it. All the children then all looked at the worm saying they had to be careful with him as he was only a baby, and between them they decided to put him back into the ground as it was kind.

There was sandcastle building and obstacle course making too. The children were even racing against a one-minute timer. Some of them are very quick on the pieces of equipment and pleased with themselves when they completed the course.

Inside the Story Den we were talking about big and small. Lucy had a mixture of big and small items (big paint brush/little paint brush etc.). Lucy asked the children to choose one item and then match it up to the other. They then sorted the items into big and small piles together.

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