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1st Annual Teddy Bear’s Picnic – July 2017

teddy bears picnic teddy bears picnic 3

After the very successful visit from the Thursday Club in February, we decided to hold a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in our garden. We were also lucky to have our friends from Young Epilepsy join us.

The children were so excited that they spent time in the morning making party hats and talking about what would happen later. It was a really valuable opportunity, especially for children with few older role models in their lives.

We are grateful to Ralph’s Café for providing free cakes and biscuits for our special guests and the children and our local Co-Op for juice and water.

See the article on Parenta.

Young Epilepsy – May 2017

epilipsy visit epilepsy 2

This month we have started forging a beautiful relationship between the children and some wonderful people from Young Epilepsy.

At their first visit the children were very interested in getting to know our new visitors and in particular the special protective hat that some of them have to wear. Some of the children have a go at trying it on and were excited to say that it was like a “motorbike hat!” 

Afterwards the children settled to listen to some new story books. They have a go at guessing the ending, but this proves difficult as these are twisted fairy tales. Some are very unimpressed that the gingerbread man isn’t eaten by the fox and in the end decide that they like the original story more.

Most of the children quickly adapt to the new adults and are comfortable sitting with them and listening.

By their second visit the children are excited to see the Young Epilepsy group again. One of the boys is especially keen to meet a new volunteer, Nathan. The children help Nathan find a magnifying glass and show him where he can find bugs. The children are then eager to play hide and seek. Kristiana starts them off by counting. The children run and hide and take turns to count themselves. Needless to say the visit is special to all involved and hopefully will be the first of many.

£500 donation from Sussex Police – 7th February 2017


We would like to thank our Police Community Support Officer, Parrish Claxton (seen here above, presenting the children with a cheque for £500) and Sussex Police for the donation from The Police Property Act Fund. This fund is made up of monies received by the police from the sale of found property and from property confiscated by order of court and then sold. The main aim of the fund is to support local projects undertaken by voluntary/charitable organisations that solely benefit the communities of Sussex.

Having spoken to Jade, our Supervisor, and visited the Pre-school on a number of occasions, PCSO Parrish vouched for us as a worthy applicant for this donation. It will be used to fund the fitting of CCTV cameras around the Pre-school. Thank you Parrish and Sussex Police!

We have even enjoyed a special mention on Uckfield FM.

A visit from the Thursday Club – 2nd February 2017

visit from the Thursday club IMG_0720

At Forest row Community Pre-school we have made a close bond with our local, elderly Thursday Club.

On a recent visit, all involved had a wonderful time painting, baking and drawing.

The children were heavily engaged in meaningful play, for long periods of time. The atmosphere was incredible and we are so excited for our next venture – a joint hot lunch in the local community Gages Café in March!

So impressed with our workings with the community, Natalie MacDonald, from Parenta had this response to our article:

Thanks so much for sharing this story with us. What your Pre-school is doing is really wonderful.

We have published your story and photos on our website. You can view this using the link below: