Being involved

Parents are a very important part of our Pre-School.  You are the first and most significant teacher in your child’s life and at Pre-School we want to be supporting all that you do at home and we want you to be part of your child’s time here.  Children learn best when they are given the chance to have fun and discover new things for themselves in a rich environment, which is what we do best.

Following a training course on Letters and Sounds, Ashley, one of our Pre-School assistants has suggested parents look at the following links on how to correctly enunciate phonemesHere is another example.

Parents are encouraged to come in and talk to staff and share with us their WOW moments, new skills, new interests, anything at all, and as staff we endeavour to share all their new steps at Pre-School with you.  You are always welcome to come and see what we do and look at your child’s learning journal. We also encourage you to come in and read in our Story Den and help with activities.  Perhaps you could join us on a Bear Hunt? Or share with us your job or an interest?  We would love you to be involved.

It’s not only our parents that can get involved, some friends in the community, like Trevor Tupholme, keep coming back to share their interests with the children. Trevor annually donates plants for our hanging baskets, and his time to make our garden look lovely.

Bens dad visiting

This daddy is a Policeman. He came to tell us all about his job.

This daddy showed us his fire engine and how to work the fire hose!

This daddy showed us his fire engine and how to work the fire hose!



Next generation of Chelsea Flower show designers?

trevor 2

Well done for listening boys!

Emmeline dr

This mummy is a doctor. She came to show us how to listen to our heart beat with a stethoscope.


This daddy is a dentist. He came to show us how to brush our teeth properly.


This mum teaches Tatty Bumpkins. She came and showed us how to do Yoga!

Reading with Tash

Another mum came and told us what it’s like to be a nurse.



A kind grandma brought in her dog to show us.