Our Day

We get to Pre-school for 9am.


I know where to leave my things as my peg has my picture and name on it.  If I’m staying for lunch I put my lunch box on the trolley.

peg our day1

We have circle time where I learn to say ‘hello’ in different languages. We practice our Phonics and Makaton signing.

Then I go and find my friends. We can choose what to play with, and can go outside whatever the weather because we all have wellies and coats at Pre-school.

P1010723   boys afternoon play

P1000113     for blog

When we are hungry we can have our morning snacks. Sometimes we help make them.

cheesy cakes 070214 snack time

Before the morning mummies come we have story and rhyme time.

P1010709  P1000461

We then have our packed lunch at Pre-school and carry on playig and exploring for the rest of the afternoon.

P1010712  snack time2

In the afternoons we can choose what to do, we can play inside or outside.  Sometimes we help in the conservation garden, checking on our tadpoles and frogs in the pond. We also eat all the fruit and vegetables we grow at snack time.

Some days and on Walking Wednesdays we go out to either to the library, fire station, railway track, pond dipping, farm, park, bakery or church.

our day - gardening  DSC01523


We can come and play in the Story Den at anytime in the day. We use the puppet theatre and read the books.  At the end of the day we have stories in the Story Den. We can also show things we have brought in and talk about our day.

P1000356  P1000878

Our grown-ups come and pick us up at 3pm and we can tell them about the great day we had.

P1000871  blog 310114

P1020085  P1010725