This week we… went on a flight to Greece

6th Jul 2018

We had a visit from Murray’s dad this week, a pilot, who came to share with us lots of information about holidays and an imaginative role play of a flight to Greece. Thank you for taking time out of your […]

This week we… took care of our friends

29th Jun 2018

These junior doctors and nurses took great care of big bear. He was handled with care and given the best first aid a friend could ask for. In Rising 5s this week we made vehicles with Lego; played the sound […]

This week we… got physical

22nd Jun 2018

This week we played games involving shapes, numbers and counting. We played another game with Polly; this time all her objects began with ‘p’ and we had to work out which one she wanted. We also made some beautiful owl […]

This week we… learnt to park our cars in the right bays

15th Jun 2018

In Rising 5’s on Monday we played a game where we had to park cars in the correct parking spots. The different cars were numbered 1-10. The parking spaces were also numbered 1-10. The children patiently waited for their turn […]

This week we… had a visit from the Thursday Club

8th Jun 2018

We had our termly visit with the Thursday club again this week and boy did we do lots with them. We had all sorts of crafts to keep them busy, we showed them around our kitchen; made them copious amounts […]

This week we… made treasure maps

25th May 2018

In Rising 5s this week we made lots of models with Mobilo. We drew treasure maps showing the Pre-school garden and counted footsteps to take us to the treasure. We also played ‘Polly Says’ to practice blending our sounds. We […]

This week we… welcomed our new robot

18th May 2018

Jade introduced us to a new friend at Pre-School this week. His name is Cubetto. She explained that although he is quite clever, he is also delicate, just like us. 🙂 We waited patiently for our turn and listened very […]

This week we… visited the Cyrnel Bakery

11th May 2018

We went on a special walk to our local bakery, Cyrnels, this week. One of our mums and dads run the bakery and they invited us to come and see what they do. We loved playing with real dough and […]

This week we… have our Balance-A-Thon and Fun Day

4th May 2018

In order to celebrate our new Balanceability classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Jade organised a week full of balancing activities ending with a Fun Day at the May Day market on Saturday. We had obstacle courses; swinging from ropes; balancing […]

This week we… have been planting seeds

20th Apr 2018

We needed to start planting seeds again so that we could have fruit, beans and lettuce to eat in the summer. In Rising 5s we used balloons to learn about static electricity. We played with jumbo magnets; did number tracing […]