This week we… went to Drusillas Park

30th Mar 2018

We spent the beginning of the week finding numbers in the garden; doing puzzles; learning to share and shape sorting. The treat for the week was going to Drusillas Park with our mums, dads, grannies and friends. We all got […]

This week we… were freezing!

23rd Mar 2018

“I found some ice!” Finn exclaims. Sarah then asked him to show her and he said, “you have to look here because its melting”. She then asked if he knows why the ice is there and he replied, “because its […]

This week we… have been racing our cars

16th Mar 2018

We decided build ramps in the garden this week, but our racing drivers had to adhere to the strict limit of 40mph! In the Rising 5 session we constructed houses for animals, did some mark making and sorted objects by […]

This week we… had a belated World Book Week

9th Mar 2018

As not many of us could come in last week due to the snow so we decided to delay our World Book Week. We had a lovely selection of our favourite characters including The Graffalo; a ballerina; Stickman; Spiderman; a […]

This week we… had lots of snow!

2nd Mar 2018

We thank all our parents for bearing with us this week after all the snow disruptions, sick staff and the broken boiler on Friday! When we did have some time outside we made the most of it by having our […]

This week we… were out and about in the woods

19th Feb 2018

We explored our Forest Way and enjoyed the feel of the wind, cold and prickly branches all around us. In the Rising 5 session this week we played with construction toys, joined in activities with numbers and patterns and had […]

This week we… were hosted the Applause Theatre Company

9th Feb 2018

This fabulous theatre company came to join us for two sessions this week where we were able to invite our parents and older siblings to come and take part. The Interactive theatre show was the finale of our part in the […]

This week we… were did some new painting

2nd Feb 2018

One of our mums gave us an idea to paint on clingfilm. The children loved the new medium and asked if they could do it again tomorrow! Our new children’s cooker arrived this week and some of the children worked hard […]

This week we… have been counting and comparing

26th Jan 2018

Tashie and Stanley are having lunch. Tashie places her water bottle next to Stanley’s and says: “Let’s see which one’s bigger”?. She counts the ten marks on her bottle and says to Stanley: “Now count yours”. Stanley counts in order […]

This week we… have been making our own ‘honey’ water

19th Jan 2018

Stanley had been playing outside with Charlie for quite some time when I (Sue) join them in the garden. They were collecting water from the puddle and filling the wheelbarrow. Charlie drags his bucket to get the maximum amount of […]