This week we… remembered our heroes

16th Nov 2018

This week in the Rising 5 session we took the poppy wreath that we had made to the war memorial. Reverend Angela, the vicar from Holy Trinity, met us there and told us about how the poppies reminded us of […]

This week we… made splat! paintings

9th Nov 2018

In this week’s Rising 5 session we did some threading and made firework pictures by ‘splatting’ paint. We had a go at matching numeral to quantity and retold a story with cards. We also thought about rhyming words by swapping […]

This week we… made Halloween crafts

2nd Nov 2018

For Halloween we did lots of mark making and then worked together to make a large scale construction in the garden. We all sat down together to do some Halloween themed craft. This involved sharing and passing resources to each […]

This week we… did woodwork

19th Oct 2018

Jade helped the children to saw some branches. She showed them how to hold the saw safely and held it with them. Flic then had a turn at scrapping off the bark with a potato peeler. She listened well and […]

This week we… visited the Thursday Club

11th Oct 2018

Toby is a little nervous when we first arrive at the Community Centre to visit our Thursday Club friends. He sits quietly with his William. We introduce him to the ladies and he slowly grows in confidence. They make some […]

This week we… built a tower

5th Oct 2018

Aleixs, Milo and Toby worked together nicely to build a tower. When they had built it really tall Alexis commented: “This tower is bigger than me and bigger than you Milo!”. Milo replied “It’s not bigger than Lucy, she is […]

This week we… visited the fire station

28th Sep 2018

We had a great fire station trip today. The children all listened really well to our instructions on what to do in order to stay safe. To begin with, the children explored the inside of a fire engine. We then […]

This week we… had the trains out

21st Sep 2018

Toby spends over ten minutes explorng the train table. He uses sentences of 5+ words to describe the game he wants to play with his friend. Toby tells William they can use this bit of the track as a jump. […]

This week we… used the new water wall.

14th Sep 2018

These boys had a fantastic time setting up and experimenting with the new water wall. They spent time arranging drainpipes for the water to travel down. John kindly allowed another child to join him. He really enjoyed watching the water […]

This week we… did some building

7th Sep 2018

These children had a great day today and became really involved in construction in the garden. They worked really hard to help their friends build “a boat”. Liam allowed Alexis to join him which was kind as he was a […]