This week we… were out and about in the woods

19th Feb 2018

We explored our Forest Way and enjoyed the feel of the wind, cold and prickly branches all around us. In the Rising 5 session this week we played with construction toys, joined in activities with numbers and patterns and had […]

This week we… were hosted the Applause Theatre Company

9th Feb 2018

This fabulous theatre company came to join us for two sessions this week where we were able to invite our parents and older siblings to come and take part. The Interactive theatre show was the finale of our part in the […]

This week we… were did some new painting

2nd Feb 2018

One of our mums gave us an idea to paint on clingfilm. The children loved the new medium and asked if they could do it again tomorrow! Our new children’s cooker arrived this week and some of the children worked hard […]