This week we… have been counting and comparing

26th Jan 2018

Tashie and Stanley are having lunch. Tashie places her water bottle next to Stanley’s and says: “Let’s see which one’s bigger”?. She counts the ten marks on her bottle and says to Stanley: “Now count yours”. Stanley counts in order […]

This week we… have been making our own ‘honey’ water

19th Jan 2018

Stanley had been playing outside with Charlie for quite some time when I (Sue) join them in the garden. They were collecting water from the puddle and filling the wheelbarrow. Charlie drags his bucket to get the maximum amount of […]

This week… we can do it ourselves

12th Jan 2018

This young explorer notices the slide is wet and asks for a towel. When Sue passes it to him he says: ‘I do it”. He squashes the towel in the bucket,climbs the ladder and winches it up,collects the towel and […]

This week we…had water play

5th Jan 2018

Some of us still need a little help putting on our aprons before playing in the indoor water tray. LiamĀ asks: “What’s that?”, pointing to the sea lion and shows Sue the “Big,big whale”. He then identifies the big crab, little […]