This week we… worked together to build a course

30th Jun 2017

Some of us were building houses with our foam bricks whilst others were using planks and crates to create an obstacle course. We had some good negotiating and co-operation going on. We did some dancing in the garden and took […]

This week we… helped raise awareness of cystic fibrosis

23rd Jun 2017

This was a special week in our calendar as it was YELFIE week (wearing yellow to raise awareness of CF) and because of our friend Charlie who has CF. Physical activity is important to us here at Pre-School and especially […]

This week we… have been in our element

16th Jun 2017

With the temperatures reaching the high 20s we did not have any difficulty deciding what to do this week. Water play was first on the list. The weather has also been ripening our strawberries so we picked some for snack. […]

This week we… looked at bees

9th Jun 2017

Fortunately this year there seem to be a few more bees around. These children spotted some in the flowers and gathered round with the big binoculars to take a better look. They were very careful to make sure not to […]