This week we… had a glove experiment

26th May 2017

Ashley¬†gave us a selection of gloves to choose from and then we talked about what they could be used for. Z said, ‘I’ve got a really warm glove. It feels so warm. It’s hot.’ She decided it was for cold […]

This week we… have been driving our cars

19th May 2017

One afternoon, Cameron asked Lucy to draw a road and school on the ground with the chalk. He and Charlie had a lovely time driving around and talking to each other. I wonder if they have worked out the wealth […]

This week we… have been drumming

12th May 2017

With the season of festivals beginning we thought we would start practicing our drumming outside. What a wonderful noise we made! We made obstacle courses with the crates; bark ‘pasta’ for tea; played pirates on the climbing frame and made […]

This week we… had a visit from Young Epilepsy

5th May 2017

The children were excited to meet their new visitors who initiated a game of making a train. They were quick to join in and we called “all aboard” to visit the beach. The children had pretend tickets and collected toy […]