This week we… added tadpoles to our pond

31st Mar 2017

Now that we have our very own pond in the conservation area, the Rising 5s took a walk up to Forest Row Primary School to collect some tadpoles that they kindly offered to us. We really hope to find some […]

This week we… drew outside

24th Mar 2017

With some lovely sunshine to highlight our work, we decided to take our crayons outside for some drawing. We made play dough worms and hid a dinosaur egg and we also played the ‘What’s in the bag’ game.

This week we… visited the Fire Station

17th Mar 2017

It was great fun exploring at the fire station on our visit this week. Thanks to Molly’s dad, Matt, for arranging it for us. We also went to play Pooh Sticks on another day and lucky for us it was […]

This week we… had a special lunch for British Pie Week

10th Mar 2017

In order to celebrate British Pie Week, we decided to go on an outing to the Gages Café, at the Community Centre. We had pie and mash and dessert. Some of our mummys and younger siblings came along. We were very […]

This week we… bedded in the new bark

3rd Mar 2017

We started off this busy week by helping our teachers spread the new bark under our climbing frame. We worked really well together as a team to spread one tonne of bark! We played with foam for malleable and messy, we read […]