This week we… went to the park

25th Nov 2016

On our outing to the park this week we explored physical movement using our whole bodies to climb and pull ourselves up onto the play equipment. At Pre-school we used the light box to illuminate different shapes. We used big […]

This week we… played with our food

18th Nov 2016

Yes, we know that it’s not something we should do every day, but Hayden and Franki had a great time exploring some of the different fruit and vegetables in our shop. They used one handed tools to open fruit to […]

This week we… remembered our fallen heros

11th Nov 2016

We went for lots of walks in and around the village this week. We went to pick autumn leaves to make pictures and we went for lunch in the community center with Sarah, Sue and Lucy. Some of our mums and […]

This week… we made firework pictures

4th Nov 2016

In malleable and messy this week we used rainbow rice to pour from one pot to another. We then took paper and glue to made firework pictures for our mums and dads. We also did pumpkin pictures; played with the giant […]