This week we… went to the fire station

21st Oct 2016

We went for a walk down station road to the fire station this week. James volunteered to try on the boots, trousers and jacket – they were very big on him! We climbed in the fire engine and had a […]

This week we… worked together

14th Oct 2016

Molly and James worked together nicely to create a truck. They both found the pieces needed in order to attach the wheels and chairs. They were very pleased with the end result and took turns playing with it. We also […]

This week we… went to the library

7th Oct 2016

Franki and Lili got really comfortable during our library visit. They both sat nicely and enjoyed looking at different books, some of which we took back to Pre-school. We also visited the park with our friends this week. At Pre-school […]