This week we… went to fetch the post

30th Sep 2016

This week we went out for a walk to get our post from the community centre. We listened carefully and did a great job walking without letting go of the handles on our walking rope. On our way back to […]

This week we… dug up our ‘home’ grown carrots

23rd Sep 2016

Murray helps pull the carrots out and then says: “I don’t like carrots”. Then he has a good look and points out that “these carrots are all muddy!” We look at the soil and he touches it then he takes […]

This week we… have been mixing colours and textures

16th Sep 2016

We started this week with a very tactile exercise where we mixed various food colours with textures such as corn flour, soap and lentils. It was messy and fun. We played some positional language games with picture cards; pretended to […]

This week we… have a new Wendy House

9th Sep 2016

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a good summer and are looking forward to some learning through play. You will have all noticed a wonderful addition to our garden this week, the new Wendy House. It is thanks to Ben, Murray’s […]