This week we… made clay creations

24th Jun 2016

After making their unique clay creations, the children had to paint them. Luca for example had to work out what colours to mix so that he could make brown and pink for his monkeys. Aren’t they wonderful! There was also […]

This week we… used the water pump

17th Jun 2016

What do you do when it’s raining so much that there is a lot of water about? Well, these two friends decided to pump water out of the water table and into the wheel barrow. They took turns holding the […]

This week we… had elephants in the play house

10th Jun 2016

Mazie and Florence put cups on their noses and declared that they were elephants! What fun they had running around the garden pretending to be two Heffalumps. There was all sorts going on in the garden this week. Some of […]