This week we… planted flowers with Trevor

27th May 2016

Every year a special friend of Forest Row Pre-school, Trevor Tupholme, comes to visit and brings us lots of flowers to plant. The children had a great time. Thank you Trevor! The sand pit was put to good use this […]

This week we… experimented and watched birds

20th May 2016

On Tuesday we carried out 3 experiments using vinegar, oil, food colouring, bicarb, shampoo and water. Oil was placed in a dish and we used pipettes to drop a food colour and another substance into the mixture to see what […]

This week we… had a visit from the Bat Lady

13th May 2016

At circle time today we had to sit nicely and very quietly so that we didn’t scare our special visitors. The Bat Lady came around a few times to show us different types of bats as well as to tell […]

This week we… began planting

6th May 2016

Sue was in the garden ready to begin planting some new seeds with the children. They really enjoyed helping planting carrot and lettuce seeds and talked about how they would grow and water them. One of the younger boys was […]