This week we… visited Tablehurst Farm

24th Mar 2016

What a wonderful way to spend the morning with the lambs in preparation for new life and Easter! Thanks to all the mums, dads and grandparents that helped walk with us. The kind people at Tablehurst also showed us the […]

This week we… practiced our balancing

18th Mar 2016

We made an obstacle course with beams and then added crates, planks and brought the stilts out so that we could practice our balancing. We also played shopkeepers in the garden and drew giant numbers with chalk on the pathway. […]

This week we… made waterfalls

11th Mar 2016

Felix spent a really long time with the gutters, moving them around so that the bottom of one would catch the water. Then he set it up to try and splash the toy cars as the children drove past them. […]

This week we… have not just eaten our cereal we…

4th Mar 2016

… were putting our fingertips to the test and feeling the different textures of rice crispies, Weetabix, oats as well as lentils, pasta shells, tagliatelle and beans. It was very hard not to have a little nibble, after all, mummy […]