This week we… have been playing builders

26th Feb 2016

We found builders hard hats in the dress up box and sat in our seats pretending we were driving to work. We had a great time taking turns listening to each other and talking about what work we needed to […]

This week we… have been recording the size of bricks

12th Feb 2016

We were all given a strip of black paper and asked to record the size of our bricks. Some of us just looked at the bricks and made markings on the paper. I chose to put my bricks in a […]

This week we… have been talking about our 5 senses

5th Feb 2016

Sight, hearing, taste, touch & smell. The children talked about what parts of their bodies they needed to use these senses. We then played a sound game. Emma told them that they needed to sit quietly so that they could […]