This week we… were mobile mud pies!

29th Jan 2016

Admittedly, it has been quite wet of late, with only occasional sunshine. Our youngsters never seem to fear going out in the wind and rain as there are always some lovely puddles. “My trousers are wet!” said Arlo. “Don’t worry […]

This week we… enjoyed finishing a story together

22nd Jan 2016

Ashley read the first part of Rosie’s Hat to differnt groups of children and then asked them how they thought it might end. Ollie thought it would be a happy ending and the fire engine would get the hat. Conrad […]

This week we… start off our journey to Space

15th Jan 2016

Some of us saw Tim Peake set off in a rocket to the International Space Station and couldn’t wait to come in and tell our friends. Our theme for this term is going to be space and we’ve started making […]

This week we… welcome you back with a bang!

8th Jan 2016

Happy new year everyone! What better than to start 2016 with making lovely music in the garden with our friends. The weather is still so mild that even our daffodils are about to open up! We have been exploring textures […]