This week we… had a Christmas party!

18th Dec 2015

We had a very special visitor on our last day of term this week. Father Christmas came to see us and he brought us each as little gift. We were also treated by our mummies and daddies with a show by […]

This week we… were making friends

11th Dec 2015

It is always lovely to see new friendships blossoming and this looks like it’s going to be a good one. Molly has been helping Ben on the climbing frame and there seems to be some mutual appreciation going on. Whilst parents […]

This week we… celebrated The Nativity

4th Dec 2015

It has to be said that the focus of most Nativities is the baby Jesus and his mother Mary, but our young St Joseph took on the role this year with such gentleness and care. I’m sure you’ll agree that […]