This week we… took part in road safety awareness week

27th Nov 2015

As it was Brake’s road safety awareness week, we invited Gillian, a road safety officer, to come visit us. She showed us how to wait on our tricycles, whilst the pedestrians crossed the road. Obviously some of us we were […]

This week… we talked about our feelings

20th Nov 2015

We were using the puppets in the Story Den to talk about feelings and how someone would feel if their friend wouldn’t share a book. Florence said, “They could look together”. Maizie said she would give them a “huggie” and […]

This week I… made a ‘double firework’ aeroplane!

13th Nov 2015

“What are you building Felix?” “A double firework aeroplane” he replies. Then he says, “My firework is going to explode…” and he knocks it down. How exciting! Luckily the fireworks were not too big as just a few feet away […]

This week we… made hot chocolate and pizzas

6th Nov 2015

These children decided to fill up a wheelbarrow with water, woodchips and chalk. Leo scoops up the water and says “hot chocolate”. Aaron says, “it’s not hot”. Leo replies “it’s cold hot chocolate!” He then pours it into the wheelbarrow, […]