This week we… had a visit from the Fire Brigade

23rd Oct 2015

Once again here at Pre-school we are fortunate to have a daddy who is also a fire fighter. He came this week with some of his fire fighter colleagues and showed us how they put out fires. We also got […]

This week we… had a visit from a special nurse

16th Oct 2015

“We are very proud of our mummy, she’s a nurse!” Our mum came to tell our friends what she does at work. She told us the story of these two monkeys who did not want to share the climbing frame […]

This week we… prepared for the Harvest Festival

9th Oct 2015

One of our lovely grannies came in to make a Harvest Loaf with us. She showed us how to make the shapes by cutting them out with scissors. It took all my concentration to cut the dough, but it was […]

This week we… looked at our bones!

2nd Oct 2015

Emma brought out this wonderful light box that showed us what our bones look like. It was so interesting. We played doctor doctor after that and some of us had our arms bandaged, pretending we had broken a bone. We […]