This week we… made domino towers

25th Sep 2015

We also built ramps outside for our cars and played bingo. We had matching games where we had to put the correct number of objects next to the correct number. It took quite a bit of consentration, but felt good […]

This week we… washed pots to plant hyacinths

18th Sep 2015

My friends and I have been washing all these plant pots so that we can plant hyacinths. Look out for these as we are going to sell them to our mummies and daddies to hopefully get another monkey-bar. We were […]

This week we… walked on bucket stilts

11th Sep 2015

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a good summer holiday. It was lovely coming to Pre-school to see our friends. This week we enjoyed walking on bucket stilts; looking at the apples that have grown on our trees in […]