This week we… counted with bears

27th Mar 2015

As well as bears we used our Numicon and little people figurines to do lots and lots of counting. We made music in the Story Den, and necklaces with bobbins and shoe laces. There were also many different puzzles to […]

This week we… had a visit from the lambs

20th Mar 2015

It was so exciting at Pre-school this week. One of our mummies invited her friends who are farmers and who have new spring lambs. One of them was just two days old. We were able to stroke them and to […]

This week we… worked in the garden

13th Mar 2015

It might look like playing, but it was hard work moving the bark around. When we did get tired from working with our new wheelbarrows we made an obstacle course and raced around with our friends. Inside we built giant […]

This week we… played in the mud pit

6th Mar 2015

Our mud pit in our garden has now moved into a giant tractor tyre, and although it wasn’t yet muddy, it certainly was fun to play in. Whilst some of us delved in the mud or sand pit, some of […]