This week we… made a start on our volcanoes

27th Feb 2015

We are going to make volcanoes next week. So this week we made a start by taking empty bottles, newspapers and lots and lots of glue.  It was a messy job, but we love it! Speaking of messy but fun […]

This week we… made pancakes

13th Feb 2015

With the start of Lent just around the corner Sarah thought it a good idea for us to make pancakes together. They were light, airy and very tasty! We also did some number tracing, designed our favourite meals on a […]

This week we… went to visit the Fire Station

6th Feb 2015

Our mummies, grannies and teachers helped us walk to the Forest Row Fire Station where we climbed into the fire fighter’s big red trucks and then shown how to use the water hoses. Thank you all for making it possible […]