This week we… did some pruning

30th Jan 2015

It may be a little early for some plants, but according to this young man, the rosemary bush needed a bit of pruning. We don’t recommend using pliers, but the rosemary didn’t seem to mind.  We also made a ramp […]

This week we… made octopodes

23rd Jan 2015

Yes, you are right; I did have to look this one up!  The octopodes, octopuses or octopi, if you like, were all sorts of colours and quite fun to make. The children also drew shapes in flour and cut shapes out […]

This week we… played with dice

16th Jan 2015

We all had a turn throwing dice and matching the number of dots to the numbers on the paper.  This week we also traced shapes and letters, counted with real money, weighed fruit & vegetables and painted pictures for our […]

This week we… learnt about sink or swim

9th Jan 2015

Welcome back everyone, and happy 2015!  We also welcome a new member of staff, Leah Jackson, whom we are very pleased has joined our team.  Feel free to say ‘hi’ and introduce yourselves to her, if she has not yet […]