This week we… say goodbye to Clair

24th Oct 2014

Sadly we have to say our farewells to Clair, our Deputy Supervisor, who has been with us since January. Clair has been a valuable member of the team and we have all enjoyed working with her.  We wish her well […]

This week we… have been painting with textures

17th Oct 2014

Not only did we get to use lots of colours for painting this week, we also added different textures. We used leaves, rice, sawdust, shredded paper and even corrugated cardboard (that’s wavy cardboard to you and me). We also sorted […]

This week we… had boat races in the rain!

10th Oct 2014

Some would say that it was very wet this week, and that we should rather stay indoors.  Well, not at Pre-school! We made the best of the weather by putting on our coats and wellies and played with the boats […]

This week we… had the Harvest Festival

3rd Oct 2014

We celebrated the Harvest Festival this week by walking up to Holy Trinity Church and singing some songs for our families. Rev. Martin gave thanks for the food and blessings we have and said thank you to all who were […]