This week we… have been planting cress seeds

28th Mar 2014

We took it in turns this week to play in the mud pit and to plant cress seeds. Actually, we are doing an experiment! We have planted some cress seeds and watered them and we have planted some more, but […]

This week we… had a visit from my dentist

21st Mar 2014

My daddy is a dentist. He came to tell my friends at Pre-School why we have to brush twice a day.  He had a giant set of teeth and he showed us how to brush. It was really nice having […]

This week we… have been experimenting with water

14th Mar 2014

Clair, our deputy supervisor, gave us an experiment this week. She asked us to change the colour of water by adding different dyes.  We have bottles with red, green, yellow, orange and blue.  Then she asked us to cut some […]

This week we… had pancake races

7th Mar 2014

Instead of our usual snack, Kate made us pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. We had them with cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice.  Yummy! There were some spare so after our rolling snack time we had some pancake races in the garden.  […]