This week we… have made an astronaut

31st Jan 2014

This term the children decided they wanted to explore Space! The wall at the back of the hall has started taking shape with planets, stars and now an astronaut.  There was plenty of team work involoved in cutting and sticking […]

This week we… are celebrating a year in our Story Den

24th Jan 2014

It coming up to a year since the Story Den was transformed by Rydon and we have been celebrating all week by inviting parents to come and read some of their favourite stories with the children.  We’ve seen some lovely […]

This week we… have been making milkshakes

17th Jan 2014

The conversation went something like this…”Emma, can we have some bottles please, we’re experimenting”. “What are you experimenting?” replied Emma, curiously. “We want to make milkshakes.  They are different recipe milkshakes!” (The fact that it was soapy water in a […]

This week we… have been building a fort

10th Jan 2014

It has been very muddy outside, but we still love playing in the rain.  When there was a little break in the clouds we decided to build a fort under the climbing frame.  We had to move a few logs […]