This week we…had our Christmas party

20th Dec 2013

This week we all got together at Pre-School to have our Christmas Party.  Our mummys and daddys came along to help us play games and we had lunch together.  It was all so yummy and so much to choose from.  […]

This week we… had our Nativity Play

13th Dec 2013

This was a special week for our mummys, daddys, grannys and grandads as we had our Nativity play in Holy Trinity Church.  Our teachers and mummys helped us get changed into our special clothes and some of us had to […]

This week we… have been making a ramp in the garden

6th Dec 2013

Our teachers gave us lots of coloured balls in the garden so we decided to make a ramp to roll them down.  First we took two crates and put them right on top of each other so they wouldn’t wobble.  […]