This week we… have been painting with large bottles

29th Nov 2013

We were given large plastic bottles and paint brushes and we painted outside on a big sheet.  The paint went everywhere, but it was so much fun.  My mummy says it’s our very own modern art, but I call it […]

This week we… celebrated Beep-beep day

22nd Nov 2013

As it was road safety awareness week we celebrated with our very own Beep-beep day on Tuesday.  We had some special friends come to visit.  Steve Wright from Nordis Signs came to ‘unveil’ the road signs he made especially for […]

This week… we went to visit Seasons in the village

15th Nov 2013

Our teachers and some mummys and daddys took us for a walk to Seasons, the organic fruit and vegetable shop.  We saw many different types of fruit and vegetables and we got to bring some back with us to have […]

This week we have – been using our new pulley

8th Nov 2013

One of our clever mummy’s has put up a pully on our climbing frame.  We can now climb up without having to carry our things with us.  It’s great working out which way to pull, although the bucket is never quite […]